Dsp Mixer

Professional Audio Devices

BBBOX is a modular field mixer recorder for professional use

Modular means Preamps , balanced line drivers , Headphone drivers and ADC - DAC Cards are installed by the user and therefore the device is configurable and upgradable as technology advances.

You can configure the mixer with less cards to reduce cost where user needs less channel functions and weight

digi board

Dsp Mixer

mixer body

Dsp Mixer


    multichannel professional audio mixer recorder Android and IOS APP controlled , Bluetooth LE 5.1

    multichannel audio recording and playback 48khz - 192khz 24bit ( ISO tracks and mix tracks can be recorded )

    8 mini XLR analogue differential balanced preamp inputs 0db, 10 – 65db gain THD 0.0004% noise

    8 mini XLR digital AES3 balanced inputs and outputs

    high quality 32bit floating point DSP effects , compressor , filters , EQ etc

    2 stereo Ultra High quality headphone drivers ¼ inch jack

    preamps are powered down when not in use to save power

    built in professional V lock battery connector

    LTC timecode IO jamsync capable , 2ppm accuracy temp controlled.

    USB C DAW interface mode

    AVB multichannel audio networking IO Gbit Ethernet


    THD 0.0004% preamps 0db 10db - 65db gain

    > 103db noise floor

    48khz - 192khz 24bit ( 32bit recording option coming )


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